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Welcome To The Best Nuru Massage In Washington D.C.

Are you interested in spending some quality time with escorts in Washington DC? Of course you are! We have some of the sexiest, most talented Washington DC escorts around, and they’re all waiting to give YOU the massage of your life! Our girls offer all varieties of Washington DC erotic massage — it’s sensual, fun and relaxing! If you’re feeling shy, don’t worry. We’ll tell you all about it first!

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Be one of the top escorts in Washington DC

Getting an Escort in Washington DC

First thing’s first, if you’ve never spent time with a Washington DC escort, you’re in for a treat! We can promise that the perfect escort in DC is here for you — whether you’d like to try a NURU massage, a sensual massage, a tantra massage, an Asian massage or a basic DC naked massage, we can make sure that you leave more satisfied than any massage parlor has EVER made you feel! Our escorts specialize in making clients happy and respecting their wishes. If you’ve never had a sensual massage, our girls will give you…

Your First Sensual Massage DC Experience

Many of our clients come to us for their first DC sensual massage experience. In fact, some have never had a sensual massage at all! This is okay and we’re the perfect ones to trust with your first sensual massage experience. Even if you’ve had a sensual massage elsewhere, we have the most talented escorts Washington DC has ever seen! According to some clients, we have the most talented escorts in the country, too!

Your DC tantra massage will typically take place in a hotel room. You’ll look at the best escorts in DC on our webpage and call us to schedule time with one (or more) of the girls! With the best escorts DC has ever seen on our page, don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to pick a girl! You can browse their pictures and profiles for as long as you’d like. If you’re not sure what variety of DC NURU massage you’d like, or who is best for it, you can even call us and ask for a recommendation! We know our girls, we know what clients want and we’ll help you get the best naked massage DC has to offer! Also, did you know that we can give you…

The Sexiest Asian Massage DC Can Offer!?

We know that a lot of our clients don’t just want the best tantra massage DC has to offer, or the best erotic massage DC has to offer, but they want the best Asian massage DC can offer with everything else included. Wanting a DC Asian massage to totally understandable — you want a bit of exotic in your special night! Who doesn’t? We have some of the sexiest Asian escorts around and each of them wants to be the best escort Washington DC has ever seen! When our Asian escorts compete with each other to be the best, no one loses! You get the best service, our girls get to spend time honing their skills with clients and Washington DC gets some of the best escorts ever!

Our Asian massage experts specialize in all types of tantric relaxation, including the famous NURU massage! Some of you are probably already getting excited, but some of you might be asking….

What is a NURU Massage?

If you’re totally excited for the best NURU massage DC offers, but you don’t actually know what NURU massage is, don’t feel bad! It’s an exotic specialty that goes hand-in-hand with our sexy Asian massage specialty.

A NURU massage is given in the nude with both you and the girl (or girls) covered in massage oil known as NURU gel. Next, you’ll receive one of the best massages of your life as the girl (or girls!) rubs all over you. The contours of her body will fit yours perfectly and she’ll help relieve your tension. What is a massage for if not to relieve stress? Whether you’d had a hard day, a hard week or a hard couple of months, our girls will help you find some relief!

If you don’t want to get all covered in NURU gel, you can have a massage very similar to our NURU massage without the gel (or just take a shower with the girl after!). It’d be a standard DC erotic massage with a sensual lady (or with sensual ladies) who is concerned with your relaxation and happiness. Your talented escort will have had experience and training in relieving stress with her massage, and she’ll make it the most pleasurable experience of your life! You might have so much fun that you find yourself wondering….

Can I Spend More Time with an Escort?

Because our Washington DC escorts are here to make you happy, they’re glad to spend some more time with you if you’d like it. You can take a girl out to dinner with you, have a fun night on the town and then end back in your hotel room with a sensual massage. As long as you treat your escort with respect, you can book as much time with your escort as you would like. If you want, you can even arrange a fun party to treat yourself for a whole night! Some of our clients have rented a big hotel room, ordered tasty food and booked time with several escorts to have a celebratory party! This is like a bachelor party for one, without the need of getting married. Which reminds us…

We Do Bachelor Parties!

Getting married comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities. When you or your friend is tying the knot, why not bid freedom farewell with a sexy DC sensual massage party?! Each and every one of our girls will be happy to help you and your friends have a good last night together. They know that, while marriage is special, so is saying goodbye to that bachelor life! These girls will do whatever it takes to make the bachelor feel more comfortable about his big day, and they’ll do it all from the comfort of hotel rooms! Also, did we mention that…

Our Girls Can DANCE!

That’s right! When you book time with one of our Washington DC escorts, you’ll be spending time with a trained dancer! Our girls all know how to give you a wonderful experience complete with a seductive strip tease and lap dance, if you so choose! A sexy dance can be the perfect way to relax before a massage. It gives you time to get to know each other and to feel more comfortable together before your massage. Once you’ve seen your girl dancing just for you, it’ll be even easier to relax when she has her hands all over you.

Don’t feel bad about needing a girl to dance for you before your massage, either, because they love it! If you just wanted your girl to dance, she could do that too! These ladies are here for YOUR pleasure, whatever that means to you! Some of our clients like to hire a lady for a sexy dance and hire another for a sexy massage, some hire two ladies to dance, others hire two ladies to massage, some hire two for each! There’s no limit because even if one lady is the best escort DC has to offer, she’ll only get sexier with a friend or three! If you don’t already, just…

Trust Us!

Our entire escort NURU massage experience will end with you feeling happier than you have in a long, LONG time! We only hire the best, which means that you only get the best. Don’t spend another boring night alone or lying in bed wishing you had a sexy lady massaging you. Once you’ve had a date with one of our ladies, you might never want to date a non-professional lady again! Plus, you’ll almost certainly prefer us over any typical massage parlor.

We’d be flattered if you’d place your trust in us for at least one experience with a lady of your choice. Even if you’re not convinced that we have the best escorts DC has to offer, you will be after your scheduled meeting! Come prepared to have your mind blown away by a beautiful woman and brace yourself to be stunned upon meeting your chosen escort. Our escorts are even more beautiful in person than they are in their pictures. So…

What Are You Waiting For!?

Go browse our beautiful ladies and pick one that tickles your pickle. Once you’ve browsed pictures, read profiles and started daydreaming, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll book an hour (or a night) for a professional massage with your chosen escort and, if you have any special requests, we’ll pass them along to her. For example, if you’d like to take your escort somewhere nice, we’ll make sure she comes appropriately dressed.

Also, after your appointment with your escort, don’t forget to come back here to schedule your next appointment and to leave your lady some feedback!