You’ve never been with a girl like me, and even if you have, that girl probably didn’t give you a HOT, SLIPPERY¬†NURU massage, did she? Hehehehe ūüėČ

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5’3

Hair: Brown and long

Ethnicity: White

Orientation: Bi-Curious

Language: English

Nationality: America

Weight: 115

Cup Size: C Cup


Hi there! My name’s Jenny! =) Whatcha doing here? Ooooh, I bet I know…. hehehehe! I bet you’re looking for an escort in DC to spend time with, aren’t you? Maybe you’re looking for several Washington DC escorts? Or just the best NURU massage DC can offer? Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re getting all excited looking at my pictures!! =) Do you know the best part about doing DC NURU massage for me? It’s meeting men (or women) like you. People that find me so sexy that they just HAVE to spend time with me! =D

What The Heck Is NURU Massage?

Okay, so I totally give you the credit that you know what NURU massage is, but I’ve totally seen other girls here telling you boys to google¬†NURU massage to see what it is. I’d rather TELL you what it is. TELL you what I’ll do to you! =) So, I’ll show up to your hotel room door all scantily clad and excited. You’ll let me in. I’ll get us all NAKED AND SEXY!! Then… I’ll get us all SLIPPERY AND WET with NURU gel!! Then… I’ll use my body to release all of your built up tension!! The gel lets my body warm your body up and it lets me SLIDE UP AND DOWN you!!! By the end, you’ll be so happy that all you can do is lay there and watch my hot little bod prance around your hotel room as I clean up, lol!! =D

Night In? How About It?

Ohhh my gosh, why haven’t you boooooked yet?!?!! I just want to show you my skills. Let me level with¬†you!! I just turned 21 and it’s my goal to give as many men NURU massage this year as possible! Will you help me add to my numbers?! I sooo want to top the numbers of any other girl here. I’m willing to do WHATEVER you want me to. I’LL LISTEN to your every word. I’ll pleasure you better than any other woman because I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING with my hands!!! NURU massage is the sexiest experience ever and I’ll prove it to you in less than an hour (or for several hours, if you want)!! Go look at my pictures and tell me that you don’t want to see what I feel like all HOT AND SLICK ON YOUR BODY. =D


For 21, Jenny sure knows her way around a man’s body. Her massage was great and I will be back for her. If you’re reading this babe, count on seeing me soon. -Anonymous

Jenny is the youngest, hottest girl that I’ve ever been with!! I loved our night!! OMG Just… Wow. Thanks toots! -47ue