You want a DC escort for erotic massages? I’m a French/Italian escort learning about American ways from the lovely escorts in Washington DC and loving it!!

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5’6

Hair: Brunette

Ethnicity: French/Italian

Orientation: Bisexualy

Language: French, English, Italian

Nationality: French/Italian

Weight: 125

Cup Size: C Cup


Hello there! I’m Bianca, a French/Italian escort from France. I moved to the Americas a while ago and I’ve been learning the best erotic massage DC has for a while now. It’s called NURU massage. That means spending lots of time with the escorts in Washington DC and I’m loving their ways! My english has really come a long way since beginning DC erotic massage, but I must warn you that I have a accent and I still struggle with words sometimes. Don’t be surprised if I sometimes have to ask “what is the word for?” to something. That’s just part of learning! English is my third language and it’s really nice.

DC Erotic Massage For You!!

Bianca¬†is usually a name for pleasurable women, so it’s only natural that its my name! I took a new name when I came to the Americas and if you’re really nice, you can persuade me to tell you my original name! I do DC erotic massage and I do it very well. Whether you want to get all oiled up for NURU massage or you want to feel me on you in a more traditional style, I’m your girl. I can massage all of the knots from your musculature and I will give you that happiness at the end that men desire!

Love Me?

I don’t mean to love me forever, just for a night! Or a hour! Whatever you want, I’m here. I love the Americas and I learn from each man who I massage. It’s all progression, as they say! Come stay a night with me and I’ll give you a taste of France!


Bianca’s english might not be so great, but her mouth is! lol if you know what I mean. Her massage was pretty awesome and i really really liked listening to her accented english trying to tell me how hot she thinks I am! I cna’t blame her, since she isnt’ from around here and all, lol. -Anonymous

My night with Bianca was simply the best. 100% better than a massage parlor, that’s for sure. Even the ones that advertise having “cute girls” and all of the other telltale signs just pale in comparison to my night with Bianca. This woman is the master of erotic massage, that’s for sure. I don’t think I ever need to go back to my usual parlor, even though I did like the girls there. They’re just not the same for me. Also, if you get her erotic massage with the NURU gel, prepare to ask for some clean sheets from hotel staff because it WILL be messy. That is the only downside, but still, it’s SO worth it. -MrWhite