My name’s Alize and I’m among the best DC escorts this town has ever seen! Don’t believe me? Come let me give you the best naked massage DC can offer and I’ll convince you!

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: 5’2

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: African American

Orientation: Bi

Language: American English

Nationality: American Native

Weight: 120

Cup Size: DD


Hey there! My name’s Alize and I’m one of the feistiest (is that a word?) escorts Washington DC can give you. I specialize in doing DC naked massage and I pride myself on always sending clients home happy. If you’re sitting there Googling something like “DC naked massage escorts Washington DC,” but you’ve never even been with an escort, don’t worry. I’m good at my job and I also pride myself on working with inexperienced clients. I’m gentle as well as feisty, and I’m diverse enough that you can take me anywhere in this city as your arm candy. Usually, though, clients just want to stay in hotel rooms for nice naked massage.

Best Naked Massage DC Offers!

I’m serious when I say that our naked massages are the best in DC. If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, we offer NURU massage as our specialty, alongside other sexy and erotic massages. NURU massage is kind of new to me, but I’m learning how much fun it can be. So, I learned from another escort here and, let me tell you, it’s a blast. She did a NURU massage on me before I did one on her and They FELT SO GOOD!! Like… I was super relaxed and felt more release than I have in years. It starts with two naked bodies that are all slicked up with NURU gel (that’ll be yours and mine) and then the massage therapist (that’ll be me) uses ALL of her body to massage ALL of the other person’s body (that’ll be yours)!

I’ll Be Anything You Want Me To Be

I’m an experienced escort and I’m good at being what my clients want me to be. If you want me to be your date for a business dinner, great! If you want me to be a dirty-talking massage therapist straight out of fantasy land, I can do that too! That’s the thing with skilled, professional ladies like me. We’re trained to make our clients happy — let me reiterate, my job is to make you happy. That means that I will HAPPILY do whatever is required of me to make you feel like you got the night you wanted. Just be sure to tell the people when you book with them about what you’re looking for, otherwise there’s not much that I can do!!


I spent an hour with Alize, which was very enjoyable. She complemented my hotel room and gave me a very nice and feminine massage. It was enjoyable and I went home with a happy ending like none other. -Anonymous

Alize is a minx!!! That’s almost all I can say without saying things that might get me in trouble LOLolol!!!!!!! Gotta take this baby for a spin! Just hop on a goooooo lololol!!!! ty Alize baby!!!!!!!!!!!! -djjax