Hiya! I’m Briana and I’m the BEST escort in DC!!! Let me prove it to you!! Let’s PLAY!!

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5’3

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: White

Orientation: Bisexual

Language: English

Nationality: American

Weight: 125

Cup Size: C-Cup


Hi!! I’m soo glad you’re here looking at my page!! 🙂 🙂 I’m Briana and I’m a bangin escort here to give you DC NURU massage LOL!! When you think of Washington DC escorts, you’re probably imagining some sultry, seductive lady, right?! Well, I won’t let you down there, but I’m also totally bubbly and upbeat because I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!!! My job as an escort in DC has paid better than I ever imagined and I actually meet really COOL DUDES!!! Like, most guys are all “I’m just average, you probably aren’t attracted to me” but the truth is that average guys are the real ones!!! And they’re hardly ever average because everyone has cool traits to them!! I hope that makes sense! What I’m trying to say is that I’ll probably be attracted to you if you’re just a real dude!

DC NURU Massage!!!!!!!

I bet you need some TENSION RELEASED!!!! Why not let me rub that out for you?!?! LOLOL!!! I promise that my hands will be gentle, yet firm and that my NURU massage will be super duper SEXY!! I know the other girls here also do NURU, but none do it like ME!! I do a little dance while I gel myself up for you and then I slide up onto you like a cat or something! It’s sexy!!!! I’ve been told I look like a cat a bunch, actually, and I looove the comparison! I actually have a cat at home, and she’s super sweet and when I watch her stretch, it gives me ideas for my sexy, slippy NURU massages! Is that weird? I hope you don’t think I’m weird, LOL!!!


Wanna have a sleepover!?! I do!! I want to stay up alll night and tell sexy stories and get all CLOSE to each other!!! Why just book my time for an hour when you could book me for the whole night?!? Like, an hour with me is fine, but I loooove waking up next to sexy dudes!!!! And sexy is totally determined by how sexy our night was, lol!!! So, like, let’s do the sleepover right. I won’t wear anything (that’s how girls do sleepovers where I’m from!!) and you dont’ have to wear anything either!! And then we’ll break out the NURU gel, have a good time, relax, maybe eat some pizza rolls, watch a movie, do it AGAIN, go to bed, wake up, DO IT AGAIN, eat pizza rolls and go our merry ways!!! Or something. Whatever you want to do. That’s just a personal fantasy of mine, LOL!!! I’m weird… 😛


Briana and I had a fun night dancing to music and doing our NURU massage. Was…. AWESOME! Good job, girl, you rocked my world!!!!! -thatguy

Briana might not be as plastic-surgery-ee as all of the other girls here, but she’s a fun time. I’ll probably try out some other girls and then come back to her. -JamesW