Hey good lookin’ 😉 My name’s Kali and I’m something of a NURU massage expert! Want to see what NURU feels like when given by a voluptuous lady like me?

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5’5

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: American

Orientation: Bisexual

Language: English

Nationality: American

Weight: 120

Cup Size: C Cup


Hey there good lookin’ 😉 My name’s Kali, pronounced Kay-lee, and I specialize in Washington DC NURU massage!! I’ve been stripping, escorting and massaging since I turned 18, and now I’m the hottest blonde escort in DC!! Actually, I’m just the hottest escort in DC, according to a lot of my clients, but let’s not get full of ourselves, lol! Annnyway! So XD You’re here, looking at me…….. Annnnd….. That mean’s you’re looking for a girl to give you the hottest NURU massage DC can offer!! SO! You’re at the right place, that’s for sure, and you’re looking at the right girl!! I mean, there are sooooo many Washington DC escorts to choose from, but don’t you want someone experienced? Plus, I’ve got that All American CHARM!!

Don’t You Want To Have Some FUN?!

You heard me right!! I’m here for FUN! F.U.N. might as well be my middle name, lol! I’m an excitable massage therapist who just can’t keep her hands off of her clients 😉 You don’t know what you’re in for until you’re laying underneath me!! I make every massage super, super, SUPER fun for both of us! I enjoy my work and, if you want, I’ll make the massage more fun by dancing for you a bit beforehand….. Maybe you don’t want me to just get undressed!! Maybe…. You want me to make undressing FUN! So, I’ll dance and twirl and writhe for you while I strip and then I’ll show you my escorting NURU ways! XD

KALI is the BEST Escort in DC!!!!!!!!

That’s what one of my client’s wrote on a note that he tucked in my pocket! True story!! 😀 It’s super flattering to know that people think I’m the best escort in DC!! I really try!! I mean, I compete against the other girls here to give the best NURU massage DC offers and, in doing so, I’ve totally refined my craft!! Oh, and if you don’t know what NURU massage is, look it up!!! The google results are, like…. Super… Exciting, lol!! You’ll see when you get there!! Just remember to think of me the whole time you watch the videos!!! 😀 😀 😉 Talk to you soon, HANDSOME!!


Kali made me promise to come leave her a review and, after she helped me get the NURU-soaked sheets off my hotel bed so we could lay down and cuddle after, she convinced me that she’s worth it. This bubbly little bundle of trouble is everything I was looking for and more! Thankfully, I’ll be moving to the DC area and I can spend a lot more time with her. She’s a naughty little minx and knows just what to say during your massage. -JohnDoe

I thoroughly enjoyed my night with Kali and the massage was very nice. Thank you. -Anonymous