When you look Trisha up in the dictionary, you see erotic massage. Or… Is it the other way around?

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5’4

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Black

Orientation: Bisexual

Language: English

Nationality: American

Weight: 120

Cup Size: D Cup


My name’s Trisha and I’m a Washington DC erotic massage expert with years of experience. I’ve spent a long time working as a DC escort and I really have refined my craft so that I offer the best erotic massage DC clients have ever experienced.  A lot of girls on here claim that, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…. A lot of escorts in Washington DC come to ME for massages after work! That’s right, I massage both men and escorts, and I love doing both. If you’d like, I can tell you ALL about some of the most pleasurable massages I’ve given to escorts while I give you your massage.

A Massage From a DC Escort

Have you ever actually had an erotic massage from a DC escort? It’s an experience all of its own. Seriously. You can choose from a NURU massage or a simple erotic massage, but either way you’ll be very happy by the end. When I give a massage, I let my hands explore ALL of your body so that I know what feels good for you and what really, really makes your body release. When you come back to me each time, I’ll know you better and be better at giving you pleasure. You might not think it’s possible for things to get any better with your first massage, but by the third, you’ll just accept that my massages are out of this world and beyond your understanding. Trust me, you don’t need to understand what I’m doing to appreciate how good it feels.

Book Some Time With Me

If you haven’t called to book time with me yet, I understand and I won’t hold it against you, but you need to get on that so that I can get on making you feel good. Just tell your wife or girlfriend that you’re going into a massage and, if you need to, book a massage for her at another spa so she thinks you’re treating her. Then, come see me! You don’t have to lie to your missus and I don’t have to wait another moment to be with you…


hey baby, it’s Zach! i kept coming back to the site and looking at your profile after i flew home. i just wanted you to know that baby, you can call me anytime. i slipped my number in your jacket pocket but havent heard from you so maybe you didn’t find it sugar. i’ll fly you out to me for a good night if you ever need to get away from it all. call me. -ZachM

ZOMG Trisha was my firts ebony goddess and I don’t think I can ever go back! That saying is sooooo true! hahahahah she dominated me without dominating me and make me relax so wel!!! Love lovelovelovelove Trisha, can’t get enough of her sweet taste. -Hooked112