Ever wonder what a tantra NURUĀ massage is like? Ever wonder what it’d be like to have a hot blonde pressed against you to relieve your tension? Wanna come find out? Come on! šŸ™‚

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5’4

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: White

Orientation: Bi

Language: English

Nationality: American

Weight: 110

Cup Size: DD Cup šŸ˜‰


I bet you’ve spent long nights thinking about the escorts DC has and what we might offer you. You’ve probably been thinking about getting someone like me, an escort in Washington DC, to give you some DC tantra massage. Tantra massage is kind of a vague term, but I think we all know what we’re talking about. Would you be on a NURU site if you didn’t? I don’t think so. Anyway, the Tantra Massage DC offers is pretty nice. We get to strip down and massage you. I’m pretty straightforward with my massages, and I like to think my clients are sophisticated enoughĀ to appreciate that. If you can’t, and if you don’t know how to respect a lady, I’m sure some other escort on this site would be a better match for you. I like to cut the BS and get to the hot stuff.

Bachelor Parties

There’s not much I need to say here that you haven’t already thought of. Me + you + your friends + other escorts = awesome bachelor party. See? Simple math. Hire me and a few other girls to make your bachelor party a bang. Just make sure to leave the lady at home — I might be bi, but I only get along with non-jealous women.

Girlfriend Experience

If you haven’t noticed, I kind of do it all. Men should be rewarded for crafting a good date. I’ll be your girlfriend for the night, you devise a good date and, after, I’ll reward you with a good and sensual erotic massage. Deal? Good. šŸ˜‰

DC Tantra Massage

I don’t know why you’re still reading and you’re not on the phone booking me. I give massages like you can’t even imagine. I know what I’m doing better than any of the other girls here, in my humble opinion, and they learn from me sometimes. That’s because I went to legit massage school and I’ve been in this industry for years. TheĀ combination makes meĀ a massage goddess.

Ready Yet?

I’m ready for our massage, are you? Make the call and I’ll be outside of your hotel room door wearing something sexy in no time. Minutes after, I’ll be naked and massaging your sensitive areas in ways you’ve never felt. Or we can do the girlfriend experience and I’ll meet you for dinner looking so hot that the staff will be talking about how lucky you are for weeks. Who doesn’t want to make that impression?


When I saw Danielle I want the whole way and paid to take her out to dinner as well. It was well worth my time and money, as it let me get to know this lovely lady before we did the massage in our nice hotel room. Also got a room with a hot tub, so that was amazing too. -Anonymous

I think I’d rate Daniele five stars, but… Mayeb I need to see her again to be sure!! -Anonymous