Did you know that Phoebe is the name of the Geek moon goddess? Wait… I meant Greek Moon Goddess! I’m more like the geek goddess, though!

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: 5’6

Hair: Medium Length Brunette

Ethnicity: Greek

Orientation: Bi Baby!

Language: English and a bit of Spanish

Nationality: American

Weight: 125

Cup Size: B Cup



Heya, my name’s Phoebe! So, I’m a geeky escort goddess who tries her best to embody the great Phoebe Greek Moon Goddess image. Sometimes I fail. Like… When… I start shouting words you’ve never even heard before when someone headshots me in COD. Or, like, when I get super upset because someone left a dungeon raid halfway through.. Then, I’m more like the “!@#!! @@!^&%$!!!” Goddess. Hahah, if you know what I mean. Anyway, though, this isn’t just a page to talk about my geekiness, but I want to invite you to play video games with me before or after our massage. ūüôā

Washing DC Sensual Massage!!

Okay, so let’s get to the meat of why you’re here. You want the best¬†sensual massage DC can offer, right? You want the best escort Washington DC has ever seen, yeah? Well good. That’s sort of my niche. I mean, it’s up to you to decide who provides the best sensual massage DC has to offer, but we make it our goal here for each and every girl to try to be the best. It creates a sort of competition and achievement-hunting thing that I can totally get behind, lol, geek escort goddess that I am.

Come With Me!!

So, I’m worried I haven’t really told you much in my profile. I’m bad at writing about myself :/ I think I’m being super clever and then, it’s like, what did I even say? So, let’s start over. I’m among the best escorts in DC and I’m here to offer a Washington DC sensual massage. I’ll massage you in all of the right places and do everything you ask, because I’m a good girl like that. I’ll play naked video games with you and I’ll be your sexy geek goddess. I’m waiting for you to book my time so that my hands and body can tell you what I totally missed in this profile.


Phoebe was super hot and sexy when I took her to my business meeting! She gave me a massage after and we really got close. Well, I mean, I got more than close, but that’s this lady’s job!! She was good and I’d rate her among the top escorts I’ve been with. Pretty awesome meeting, pretty awesome night. Thanks again, little lady. -Anonymous

So, I booked a hotel with Pheobe and got a really nice room that had viedo¬†games ot see if she was as geeky as she said… I kicked her butt a lot, but it’s a nice butt, so thta’s okay, lol! She knows her games, I will say, and she, well, she also certainly knows her sensual massage. Deff one of the best escorts in DC. Will do again. -GambitOwns