Great Redheads in Washington DCWelcome! I’m Jenny and I’m an escort available to hire for dates of all types. Whether you need a companion for a company function or want a sexy woman to wow your friends at a bachelor party, I’m available to do the job. I recently had a date with a gentleman who was very nervous around women. Here’s how our time together went.

I Made Sure My Client Felt Comfortable

When I met my client, I could tell right away that he was very shy. He wouldn’t look me in the eyes and was rather quiet. I had to ask him questions to get him to open up with me. I knew he needed a soft approach, so he would be comfortable with my presence. I didn’t push him in any way and made sure that he felt as if I was more of a friend than a date. Once I found out he was interested in nostalgic eighties activities, clothing, games, and music, I knew I had an in. We discussed the era in earnest, and he became animated and excited when talking about this decade.

I Used What I Knew To My Advantage

Knowing that my client was in his 40’s or early 50’s purely by his appearance and love for all that was available in the 80’s, I knew I could use this information to get to know him even better. I suggested going to a nightclub where they have 80’s music regularly. Wow, what a difference in his attentiveness when a few good tunes were played! He wanted to hit the dance floor when some of his old-time favorites were played, and I was right out there with him swaying to the music. I suggested doing a few of the signature moves from this decade together. We had an absolute blast trying to outdo each other and teach new moves out on the floor. I made sure to touch him as much as possible during this time to get him to open up even more.

We Went Back To His Place For A Nightcap

My client merely wanted a woman to hang out with without any strings attached. He suggested going to his hotel room when he became tired of dancing. We picked up some beer at a local convenience store and settled onto his couch where we could relax. We settled for watching old movies on demand. He was so funny when he talked along with the actors. He knew a lot of the lines by heart! When he reached out to kiss and cuddle me, I knew I had made a mark with him. He really wanted to be with me! I comforted him throughout the night and I actually stayed over. Sleeping next to this man was rewarding and very peaceful. I can’t wait for him to reach out to me to set another date when he visits the area again.