She is ready and waitingAre you going to be visiting DC in the near future? If so, and you are looking to hook up with a gorgeous woman during your stay, I’m hoping you will keep me in mind to hire as your personal escort. I’m known for my “tour guide” experience, having been from the area since I was a young girl. Recently, I had a date with a client who was so overwhelmed with my touring assistance, I just had to share it here.

My Client Was Completely Worried About His Trip

I received a call from my client before he even arrived in the District of Columbia. He had a flight the next day and wanted to book me then, so he knew he had someone waiting for his arrival. What a smart man! He was in for a treat. Several actually. He had indicated that he was very worried about getting lost in the city since he was never there before. That is the reason why he wanted to hire me. Well, that and for companionship, of course!

I Met Up With My Client The Second He Arrived

I dressed in a sexy ensemble and made my way to the airport. I was there at the time my client arrived. I was able to pick him out of the crowd right away. He had sent me a photograph, but he also had this air about him where he seemed nervous about his whereabouts. This guy was going to need special treatment for sure! I wanted to comfort him right away. He seemed so lost and so alone.

I Made Sure My Client Was Given The Attention He Deserved

I introduced myself to my client and we bonded immediately. I gave him hugs and kisses right from the start. I wanted him to feel as if he had someone he could trust in this big city. He was hungry, so I told him I’d lead the way to a great place to eat where we were able to get to know each other without a lot of activity. He really appreciated that. My tour guide experience was already paying off.

We Checked Out The City And Then The Hotel Room

I gave my client a grand tour of the city. I taught him about the subway system, so he was familiar with the stops he would need to find during his business trip. I led him to the reputable cab companies, so he knew where he could get a ride without worry. We strolled around the capital area together so that he could take in the historical sites without a time restriction. We had a delightful time together and I think I made my client feel completely at ease in the big city.

We then headed to my client’s hotel room. There I was able to share even more of my talents with him. This includes things I just can’t share with you because of my job. Discretion and secrecy are key and always protected! Let’s just say, he saw all of me, enjoyed all of me, and can’t wait to have some more time with all of me!