I’m all about the massages. I’m from kind of a small town. Technically it’s actually a “village” if that says anything about where I come from. And, well, the only place to get a Massage is to drive maybe an hour to some one-story super shady brick building or to try out one of the Craigslist “massages.” I’ve done both and each time I showered for days after. No bueno. So when I come to get an actual quality massage I know this is the place.

So I decided to go with a Thai massage this time around. No clue what it was. But Thailand sounds exotic, so I figured when the heck, let’s give it a whirl, you know? I booked the service online and went out to get my Thai massage going on. When I got in they told me a bit more about it. That it’s pressure point based and not really tissue based. I didn’t know what that meant. I mean, aren’t pressure points still on your body? Figured even the Craigslist girls back home had no clue what a pressure point massage was (they barely know what a regular massage was) so I went with it. Expand my horizons and everything.

Well, it took me by surprise at first. Like, they kind of worked the muscles but also under the muscles. It was totally different, but in no time those little circular motions the girl did not only relaxed me, but I could feel other parts of my body start to react to it. I had been a bit stuffy in my ears after the flight in (I’m always getting head congestion on flights) and that started to drain. And I had all sorts of energy after. They said because the massage focused on improving blood flow in one of the pressure points.

So this is different from the normal muscle massage, but I’ve got to stay it was awesome! I felt super alive after. Will be totally coming back again!