She Wants You NowWintertime means shivering nights if you are alone and if your heat isn’t cranked up. A lot of people try to keep their heat at a reasonable level to cut down on energy costs. What do you do to keep warm if this is your situation? Staying next to someone else could very well be the answer. Here is the science behind body heat sharing that can help you remain warm when the temperature drops.

Skin On Skin Contact Is Best

When you press your body against someone else’s, both bodies will slow down the rate of heat loss. If one person is warmer than the other, their heat will transfer to the cooler one. Both people will then have similar temperatures. It is best to do this with skin on skin contact as clothing can act as insulation. This will keep one person’s body warmer than the other person’s. Strip down and take to a comfortable spot together, such as on a bed or couch. Make sure to cover yourselves with a blanket to help trap warm air underneath where it is needed most.

Make Sure To Spend Enough Time Together

Heat transferral will not happen instantly. If the temperature is freezing, it will take time for both people to become warm. Take the time to strip down and snuggle up to each other. Allow for nature to take its course rather than getting up and trying to get warm in other manners. In time, both people will become toasty warm. It is best to have a comforter or blankets on top of both of you when you are trying to get warm. This will trap the warmer temperature underneath so it can radiate between you.

Try Some Action To Keep Warm Even More

When you move around, your body temperature will rise. If you are cold, bringing your partner to bed for some action under the sheets can be exactly what is needed to get your blood circulating and your temperature rising. Try giving each other a sexy massage to soothe the muscles while you warm up. Trying some role-playing will excite you as well as put your body into motion so you become warmer.

If you have the means, go out on the town for a bit before heading back to your place. If you have limited heat in your home or hotel, being out in the public is one way to warm yourself before you retreat for the evening. You’ll have the opportunity for some fun with your date and you’ll get your body moving as well. Make sure to get into bed immediately upon your return so you are able to retain your body temperature instead of suffering for any length of time.

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