See Li in personIf you have gotten a massage in the past, or if you are researching massage options because you would like to get one in the future, you have likely come across information about Asian massages. These are often perceived as top-notch, as the Asian culture has some tricks up their sleeves to make the experience of massage one of the best you will encounter. Here are some misconceptions that people have about Asian massages.

An Asian Massage Will Leave You Sore

There is nothing further from the truth when it comes to Asian massages giving you more pain than other types of massages. An Asian massage is virtually the same, only you will have a gorgeous Asian woman tending to your body. Many Asians make it a priority to make sure their clients are cared for properly without any pain left over after the session comes to an end. Mild soreness can be expected if you get a deep tissue massage, however, this usually only lasts for a day or two. Our women tend to use a gentler approach when giving massages, as they are meant for pleasure and fantasy fulfillment rather than as a medical need.

Your Massage Can Be Messy

You have likely heard about NURU massage and the excitement it provides to those who experience them. NURU massage requires the use of very slick oil, which enhances the entire experience physically and sexually. Our escorts come prepared for the possibility of a NURU massage and will take the required preparations to cover your bed or floor so the oil does not cause any damage to linens or carpeting. The oil is used sparingly and can be easily washed away via shower or bath (with or without your escort by your side) after your session comes to an end. NURU massage requires that both you and your masseuse are nude for the session. This helps you to relax and gets you into the mood for a fantasy-filled experience you will not want to forget.

Your Masseuse Won’t Speak English

While some of our Asian masseuses are relatively new to our country, each of them speaks fluent English as well as the language of their country. This is required of our girls because we have clients from both the United States¬†and from the Far East. Your masseuse is available to converse with you before your session so she will know exactly what you expect from your massage. If you desire, she can spend time with you outside of your hotel room before you get down to business in obtaining your massage as well. So, don’t worry! Talk to your masseuse, let her know your wishes, get to know her a bit before you get your massage, and enjoy having someone who can hold a conversation with you throughout your massage should you wish.